The Knight Rider Companion "Abridged Edition"

The   Knight   Rider   Companion   is   “Back  in  Black”   in   an   Exciting   New   Remastered   Format!

After working in secret for nearly a year, I have pulled out all the stops to give you the best up to date guide book to the 80s’ cult classic television series “Knight Rider” that honors the memory of “one man’s dream” and all those involved who made this unforgettable episodic action show possible.

Published by Black Pawn Press, I call this latest updated version of KRC the “Abridged Edition” because due to some changes in publishing requirements over the years, I had to make certain omissions from the original release. I could have just removed the required content and reissued the same book in a reduced “second edition” format, which would have made it truly “shorter”, but I felt like the fans of this beloved series deserved better than that.

To a generation, “Knight Rider” represents more than just a futuristic talking car and its driver. It represents the vision of Wilton Knight and what technology and cars can accomplish when partnered together. The “Knight Industries Two Thousand” (or K.I.T.T. for short) could “Turbo Boost” to leap high above dangerous obstacles, drive super fast in hot pursuits, repel blazing gunfire, and think for itself with advanced microprocessors, all famously voiced by William Daniels.

The “Molecular Bonded Shell” (MBS) made the car known as the “Knight 2000” which resembled a sleek, mirror polished black, ‘82 Pontiac Trans Am, virtually indestructible. With its signature roving red scanner light, this “car of tomorrow” would go on to become one of the most recognized television automobile icons of all time, inspiring fans to build wonderous hi-tech replicas worldwide since the series ended in 1986.

Its driver, Michael Knight played by David Hasselhoff, and the Foundation for Law and Government (F.L.A.G.) believed that, “one man can make a difference.” Since K.I.T.T.'s creation in 1982, the world has continued to develop cars that draw from many of his abilities, updating them for modern day.

Like Bonnie and April did with K.I.T.T. in those thrilling series premieres, it was time to for me to bring this book “back in black” with some exciting new upgrades that go well beyond the new vibrant red cover art featuring a shadowy Michael Knight from the pilot where his shadowy flight began nearly 40 years ago. Not just a resurrection of the older printed material, but like K.I.T.T.’s illuminated high-tech dash featured in later seasons, an “evolution” of it.

As television series creator Glen A Larson once said to me, “it’s something new, yet familiar.”

Instead, I have rebuilt “The Knight Rider Companion” from the ground up like K.I.T.T. in a season premiere with a new format and cover art featuring upgraded images and new content throughout. I like to think of it as a “bridge” between the old and the new.

Since I had to remove a considerable amount of older material, and add more content back in, the “Abridged Edition” is shorter in some ways, and longer in others.

This remastered written work is NOT just a stripped down “reprint” or “reissue” of the original (out of print) full color book from (2008). It is very new content, yet in a familiar visual format you’ve seen before.

The “Abridged Edition” contains over 780+ pages of exciting material with new images presented in a high quality black and white presentation. Some of the classic content you loved from the first book is back in an innovative way, along with newer things to read about and explore.

The Knight Rider Companion “Abridged Edition” contains brand new Q & A interviews with:

Steven E. de Souza –Writer/Producer on Season 1 and creator of K.A.R.R.
Michael Scheffe – Legendary artist who designed the original K.I.T.T.
Catherine Hickland – Stephanie “Stevie” Mason from multiple episodes!
Jeff Osterhage – John Stanton from “K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.”
Paul LaGreca – Tino Petro from “Silent Knight”.
K.I.T.T. – That’s right! The Knight Industries Two Thousand itself!
Peter Parros – Reginald Cornelius III (RC3).

And so much more waiting inside!

The Knight Rider Companion “Abridged Edition” also contains new sections and updated features such as:

Talking with K.I.T.T. – A Retrospective
Updated Knight Gallery Section
Remembering Glen A. Larson Tribute Section
An Interview with the Author
Details about Glen’s “Knight Rider” (2010) Motion Picture Script
K.I.T.T.’s appearance on “The Goldbergs”
Journey to El Mirage Dry Lake
Knight Rider Logos Guide
Knight Rider Fonts Guide
Knight Equipment Guide
Fully Illustrated Vehicle Stats Guide
Expanded Four Season Episode Guide
Updated “Hall of Fame” Autograph Guide
New material for “Knight Rider 2000”
Remastered Knight Rider Cameos & Mentions Guide

And more new imagery, including photos from private collections and several pages of one of a kind artwork created exclusively for this 780+ page book, waiting to be discovered around every corner!

If you’ve been a fan of the television series, this book will not disappoint you. If you’re just becoming a fan, this book will inspire you. I created The Knight Rider Companion in (2008) to inspire generations young and old. I’ve brought it back to inspire new generations today.

This book is made by a fan, for the fans. The Knight Rider Companion “Abridged Edition” is what you choose to make of it.

You will not find another guide book to this epic television series that contains as many original illustrations, and exclusive up to date material anywhere else. With unprecedented support from the cast and crew of the series, The Knight Rider Companion “Abridged Edition” is a MUST HAVE for any Knight Rider fan’s collection!

If you already own the first edition of “The Knight Rider Companion”, both these books were designed to be the perfect companion(s) next to one another in your collection and will make the perfect holiday gift either for yourself, or that special “Knight Rider” fan in your life!

The images are high quality, the text is insightful, and the amount of updated content you’re going to have access to all gathered in one place, is going to “Turbo Boost” your excitement to new heights! This is not your average bargain bin paperback. If you are a fan of “Knight Rider”, K.I.T.T., David Hasselhoff, Glen A. Larson, or just want to know more about the iconic 80s’ television series – this book will NOT let you down, pal!

The   ultimate   guide   to   classic   Knight   Rider   mythology   is   now   within   your   hands.