NRN Design™ “Shadowy Companion” T-Shirt (Red Edition)


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NRN Design™ “Shadowy Companion” T-Shirt


Much like a season premiere, I am pleased to announce after making some adjustments – the most requested and long retired K.I.T.T. shirt inspired by the cult classic television series is BACK looking sharper than ever with some impressive new upgrades! The “glow in the dark” neon blue may be a thing of the past, but the future has never looked clearer in new “red scanner” ink!

Forget those cheap inferior production line models out there, add this brand new exclusively re-released t-shirt to your collection and once again show your love for our beloved “shadowy companion”! Only NRN Design™ brings you this limited edition t-shirt featuring stunning high quality original artwork showcased inside The Knight Rider Companion “Abridged Edition”, an authentic NRN Design™ LE logo sleeve print, and the attention to quality and accuracy you can expect.

The details on this shirt inspired by K.I.T.T.’s iconic designs are as impressive as his automotive capabilities that inspired a generation to believe in one man’s dream for over 40 years.

Whether you love the classic television series, own a replica, auto cruise to a local car show, or just enjoy the exciting pursuit of collecting cool memorabilia – this t-shirt will make the perfect addition to your KR collection! Makes a perfect gift for the KR fan in your life at a price you can afford!

These sleek LIMITED EDITION red and black shirts won’t last for long and supplies are VERY limited so don’t be afraid to press “Turbo Boost” on your order to soar ahead of the shipping line today!

(Sizes 2XL-4XL are an additional $5.00 each.)


– Exclusive artwork from NRN Design™
– Vibrant “Red Scanner” ink
– NRN Design™ LE Logo Sleeve Print
– Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton

(NOTE: Does NOT glow in the dark)

Secure your red ink “Shadowy Companion” t-shirt today before this limited edition release rides off into the sunset once more and don’t forget to check out my other amazing items brought to you exclusively by NRN Design™ before completing your purchase while supplies last!