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Celebrating 10 Years of Making a Difference!

The ONLY Knight Rider guide book featuring exclusive artwork and other full color content
produced with the personal support of series creator Glen A. Larson

This book is limited to just 2000 copies and mint copies are SOLD OUT!

–[ ATTENTION!!! ]–

Order your “READABLE” condition copy today before they’re gone for good!

After 12+ years in publication, The Knight Rider Companion has reached the day I never imagined would come. After a successful shadowy flight of being showcased and sold on various websites and offered at fan events, “NON-MINT” copies of this book are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
However, due to shipping and packaging errors by the manufacturer a limited amount of Knight Rider Companion books were damaged in transit. These “READABLE” copies are being made available for sale at a reduced CLOSEOUT price of $12.95 plus s/h while supplies last.

This is the very bottom of the barrel. The last curtain call for this “full color” guide book to the original mythology of Knight Rider. Never again will this book be offered in this level of detail or quality.

By purchasing a copy of The Knight Rider Companion off this site, you understand that you are buying a “READABLE” quality edition of the book which are in “decent” readable condition with all pages in tact but will contain significant cosmetic damage and no original shrink wrap.
These imperfections are cosmetic and do not affect the readability or durability of the book itself. All copies will be randomly sent out and the degree of cosmetic defects will vary from one copy to another.

NOTE: I cannot stress enough, these copies DO contain cosmetic damage and they are NOT “mint” or “non-mint” condition. These are the copies I have pulled aside over the years that I felt were not up to my standards of quality. So why offer them now? Because I want to give the fans, one last opportunity to add this full color book to your collection, at a fair and reasonable price.



Please make sure you have reviewed and understand the terms and conditions of this product before making a non-refundable purchase. Thank you for your many years of business and support. Every satisfied customer makes a difference.

The Knight Rider Companion is truly one of a kind! It contains 680 pages of exciting visual content presented on 80# glossy paper which allows for full stunning full color imagery!
With an exclusive Foreword by creator Glen A. Larson and tons of original artwork, this is a book every Knight Rider fan is going to want to add to their collection!
K.I.T.T. creator/designer Michael Scheffe calls it, “The ultimate shrine to Knight Rider”
Series creator/Executive Producer – Glen A. Larson calls it, “a stunning masterpiece. A fitting visual tribute to his original mythology.”

The Knight Rider Companion contains interviews with:

Glen A. Larson – legendary series creator of Knight Rider
Stu Phillips – legendary television composer
Don Peake – legendary television composer
Michael Scheffe – legendary artist who designed the original K.I.T.T.
Robert Foster – legendary Executive Producer/Writer
David Hasselhoff – Michael Knight
William Daniels – legendary voice of K.I.T.T.
Special Tribute to Edward Mulhare

and so much more!

If you’ve been a fan, this book will not disappoint you. If you’re just becoming a fan, this book will inspire you. I created The Knight Rider Companion to inspire generations young and old.

This book was made by a fan for the fans. The Knight Rider Companion is what you choose to make of it. You will not find a more high end, self published, visual testament to this show’s original
mythology anywhere else. The amount of detail captured in the 630+ photos is unsurpassed by any other guide books that have come before it.

Since its self published release in 2009, hundreds of copies of The Knight Rider Companion have been sold, shipped, donated, or given away to Knight Rider fans all across the globe ranging from
The United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, France, Greece, The West Indies, and everywhere in between.

In the five years it has been in print, copies of the Knight Rider Companion have been given to or signed by:

David Hasselhoff, Glen A. Larson, Stu Phillips, Don Peake, Michael Scheffe, Tom Greene, Robert Foster, Catherine Hickland, Rebecca Holden, Peter Parros, Ann Turkel, Sondra Currie, A.J. Levi, Ron Martinez, Peter Cullen, Robert Englund, J. Scott Campbell, Terry James, James Windburn, Tony Wood, George Barris, Dennis Braid, Paul Nigh, Nate Truman, Fireball Tim, Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Paul Campbell, David Andron, John Schneider, Oscar Goodman, Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, Brandon Easton, Jason Johnson, Shannon Denton and the list continues to grow each year.

You will not find another guide to this epic television series that contains as many full color photos, original illustrations, and exclusive material anywhere else and this book will never be reprinted or released in this level of quality again making it a true collectable! With unprecedented support from the cast/crew of the series, The Knight Rider Companion is a MUST HAVE for any Knight Rider collection!

The colors are vibrant, the text is insightful, and the amount of content you’re going to now have access to is going to blow your mind! The book has a nice weight to it (about 4 pounds) and the vibrant white 80# paper has a nice feel to it, not to mention the gloss just makes any image jump or should I say “turbo boost” right off the page!

This is not your average bargain bin paperback. The Knight Rider Companion is comparable to a high-end coffee table book with the quality and weight to match! If you are a fan of Knight Rider, K.I.T.T., David Hasselhoff, or just want to know more about the series – this book will not disappoint!

You’re not only adding a true collector’s item to your collection, you’re adding as Michael Scheffe calls it, “a fitting shrine” to a television icon about a man who does not exist and his technically advanced talking supercar!

This book makes the perfect gift for the Knight Rider fan in your life, friends, or family.

The Knight Rider Companion makes a perfect gift for the holidays which are right around the corner, not to mention that special Knight Rider fan’s birthday or collection!

At The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles CA, David Hasselhoff was re-introduced to The Knight Rider Companion and was so happy to see it, he signed this photo op featuring the book and me twice! This is an EXAMPLE of just how popular and sought after this book is for not just the fans of Knight Rider but also the cast and crew featured inside it as well! David also signed a copy of the book for me as well along with other members of the cast and crew!

(NOTE: The book is only signed by author/designer Nick Nugent and contains no other signatures. Photos below are only used as examples.)

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